Bana Bengwana Development Trust | Projects

Projects Undertaken

 Water tank at Ngwana Primary School

School Education and Training

Over the years this community/trust has bought books, sporting equipment, benches and even helped in building a classroom block at Ngwana Primary School.

Dams Boreholes and water harvesing

The trust has also helped rehabilitate the local dam that supplies water to the lives stocks of way more than 800 homesteads by repairing the broken wall at the dam ‘s spillage site. The Trust has also fenced a good part of the dam.

Clinic and Health Centre

The main structure at the clinic has been built and so are the staff and public toilets. The first cottage is all finished, painted and ready for use. The second cottage is at roofing level and we are working on the third cottage.

A detailed plan with bill of quantities can be sent at if requested and so could be the cost of the roofing phase and the equipping phase of the clinic.

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