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Bana Bengwana Development Trust

Bana Bengwana Development Trust is an initiative by and for the people from Ngwana Area in rural Plumtree- Zimbabwe and beyond. The organisation was born out of the realisation by the people of Ngwana that if there was going to be any meaningful development in Ngwana Area, the vision and ideas and practical steps towards that kind of development needed to be articulated in deeds and action by these same people..


The trust has Trustees/Directors and Management teams in all the said countries all communicating effectively through appointed country co-ordinators.


Current Focus & achievements

We are currently focused on building the main structure at the clinic/health centre. As seen in pictures here, the main structure is all done, thank to all the efforts/contributions of the Ngwana community with help from friends in South Africa, the UK, Germany, the USA and across the world

The Ngwana Community continues to fundraise through its various activities both in Zimbabwe, the UK and South Africa as well as well through wishers from around the world

Any contributions no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

Meet Our Team


Modicai Tjingwavula


Zenzele Ndebele


Bekezela Dube

South africa

Mortain Ghandi


Lucky Moyo